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If you could design rules for a sustainable future what would they be? Biomimicry offers a set of  principles based on how nature has practiced sustainability for 3.8 billion years.


Wild Awake is leading a U.K. team to deliver BioLearn, a pan-European project with partners in Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Netherlands and the USA. The project will create new STEM learning resources which inspires secondary school students to use nature as guide to address human challenges.

BioLearn is based on the principles of biominicry, the science and art of mimicking the best ideas from nature to solve human problems.​

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The aim of BioLearn is ‘young people with a transformed view of nature and a growing skillset to help them design a sustainable future’. Through a transformed view of nature, they will be more motivated to care for the natural world, whilst also inspired by it to create sustainable solutions to human needs. This will result in:

  • More young people motivated to act to bring about a low carbon future.

  • New and innovative teaching resources for schools.

  • Increased capacity of teachers to provide inspiring learning for a low carbon future.

  • Enhanced understanding and application of biomimicry in teaching and learning.

  • More sharing of and access to high quality education resources across Europe.


To deliver BioLearn, Wild Awake is working with:

  • The Magosfa Foundation (Hungary)

  • BiomimicryNL (Netherlands)

  • Centrum environmentálnych aktivít (Slovakia)

  • The Center for Learning with Nature (USA)

  • SEVER - Středisko ekologické výchovy SEVER Horní Maršov, o.p.s. (Czech)

  • Bioregional Learning Centre (UK)

The project is funded by the European Union Erasmus+ programme.

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