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The Forest Did It First

The Forest Did It First is an 18-month project exploring what we can learn from Garvagh Forest, Rivers and Rough Fields to help us design sustainable solutions for a different world.

BioLearn II

BioLearn II asks pupils and primary schools to go outside and look into nature. To ask what are nature's talents - what is nature good at. And then to use this learning from nature to think about how we (humans) can become more sustainable.

Natural Entrepreneurs

Natural Entrepreneurs is encouraging more students to use biomimicry as a fundamental research tool. It offers an opportunity to explore how biomimicry can tackle the sustainability challenges facing Europe today and presents the applications of biomimicry design as desirable, viable solutions.sustainable future.

Change the Story

Change the Story empowers pupils to create the future they want: to explore how climate change impacts their lives and to create meaningful stories about how climate change is being tackled now and what needs to be done in the future.

Urban Science

Urban Science is delivering a means to teach pupils how science can develop solutions for sustainable cities, motivating them to view the positive benefits of science to the urban environment.


Bio-inspired design offers solutions to mnay of todays environmental and sustainability challenges. BioLearn provides learning for secondary school students, giving them the skills to design sustainable futures.

Outdoor Learning for Protected Areas in Georgia

Environmental education plays a key role in conserving our natural and wild places. We are working to create environmental education programmes which will inspire and inform young Goergians to care for the natural world.

Green Entrepreneurship Teacher Training

Young people are required to think and act entrepreneurially to both conserve the natural world we depend on and deliver goods and services for society.​ This training supported teachers to deliver entrepreneurship education.

Sustainable Education Strategies in Georgia

Education for sustainable development is a globally accepted part of good education. We are working with the Georgian government to develop their strategic approach to ESD across all education sectors.

Youth Camps Turkey

Informal learning in nature inspires young people to develop deep connections with the natural world leading to its protection and conservation. Wild Awake trained youth leaders to manage outdoor nature camps and lead inter-active activities.

Danube Kids

Outdoor learning is still a new concept to many teachers in Romania. Wild Awake is bringing its training and organisational development experience to grow a new NGO called Danube Kids.

Outdoor Learning in Nature Teacher Training

Young people of all ages benefit from real life ‘hands on’ experiences. Seeing, hearing, touching and exploring the natural world help young people connect what they learn in school to their life outside it and to the world around them.​

Karuna Trust

Karuna Trust is a charity which for over 30 years has worked with local community groups to help South Asia’s poorest people lead meaningful and dignified lives. They are committed to human development, enabling people to escape poverty, access their legal rights and participate fully in society.

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