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Our courses are designed to provide practical training which educators can apply in their work. They blend practical learning activities with theory to transform learning; and of course we have lots of fun too. The courses are intended for teachers, teacher advisors, NGOs and educational institutes and are suited to both primary and secondary education.

Current Courses

We are pleased to be working with our friends at VITAXXI and Ecosytem Europe Association to offer two courses:

Outdoor Learning in Nature: This course will explore a range of outdoor learning approaches including Earth Education and field studies. You will be able to take part in a range of practical activities as well as share good practice with other teachers.

The course is underpinned by a new model for outdoor learning developed by the Real World Learning Network. The model brings together six core elements that research and practice has shown are important for successful outdoor learning.

This course is ideal for teachers in geography, biology and civics.


Green Entrepreneurship for Schools: In this course we will be exploring participatory approaches for developing entrepreneurship programmes and activities in schools. We will use the Green Economy as the context for learning.

There is increasing pressure for businesses to adopt sustainable models and business is responding positively. Cradle-to-cradle and closed loop production is increasingly becoming the target for all businesses who are serious about sustaining both their business and environment in the future.

This course is ideal for teachers in economics, business, geography, biology and civics.

Training Opportunities

Wild Awake delivers training and professional development courses in over 30 countries. We develop bespoke training courses to meet your needs in:

  • outdoor learning.

  • science education.

  • nature studies.

  • education for sustainable development.

  • curriculum development.

  • strategic planning.

  • change management.

  • systems thinking.

Contact us to learn more.

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