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Wild Awake offers tailored projects and services to a range of partners, all underscored by our partnership approach and the principle of value for money. We work alongside government, state, municipal or local authorities, multilateral and bilateral institutions, public and private sector companies, and civil society. We have a history of linking complementary organisations together to work as one and bring about wider, deeper impacts.

Education for Sustainability

Wild Awake develops innovative learning programmes for schools, adults and youth groups, engaging them in first-hand experiences which connect their lives with the world around them. Through this learners start to reflect on what matters to them and how to change towards a more sustainable future.

Professional Development

Bespoke training courses responsive to your development need. Our approach is to build on participants existing knowledge and challenge them to rethink how they can deliver learning which brings about real change.

Learning Innovation

Empowering teachers and students to deliver more effective learning. Our programmes engage educators to nurture shifts in learning which transform results. We pay careful attention to how learning takes place and design meaningful activities based on this.

Delivering Change

Successful learning needs to lead to change. We understand that changing how learning is delivered requires different behaviours and more effective systems. Our systemic approach explores what lies behind and drives change, not just what takes place on the surface.

Creative Approaches

Creating a new workshop or delivering a multi-partner project, we seek to inspire and motivate people to see the world through new eyes, visualize new opportunities, and make them real. We believe in co-designing together rather than imposing solutions.

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