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Telling new stories about the climate across Europe.

Change the Story offers KS2 resources and hands-on support for teaching climate change, citizenship and digital competence. This is an Erasmus+ project running from now until the summer of 2022.

“The most common criticism I get is that I’m being manipulated and you shouldn’t use children in political ways, because that is abuse, and I can’t think for myself and so on. And I think that is so annoying! I’m also allowed to have a say – why shouldn’t I be able to form my own opinion and try to change people’s minds?”

(Greta Thunberg)

The overall objective of Change the Story is ‘to empower young people to develop compelling stories addressing climate change, using digital technologies to communicate their results and inspire others to take action’. These stories will be sourced from local people about how the community has changed in ways that can be attributed to climate change; stories of local projects which respond to climate change; and critically new stories that are created by young people to explore desired futures and possible action.


Key to delivering Change the Story is the use of digital storytelling as a pedagogy. Digital storytelling is a powerful tool for engaging teachers and pupils. Digital storytelling allows computer, tablet and smart phone users to become creative storytellers, providing them with the freedom to redefine, create and publish powerful new stories and communicate them widely. Digital storytelling also allows young people to share their experiences across cultural boundaries and national borders.  This includes project partners in Turkey, Hungary, Austria and Italy.

To deliver BioLearn, Wild Awake is working with:

  • The Magosfa Foundation (Hungary)

  • CREDA onlus (Italy)

  • Careful Digital (UK)

  • Agri Ibrahim Cecen University (Turkey)

  • University of Graz (Austria)

The project is funded by the European Union Erasmus+ programme.

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