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Karuna Trust is a charity which for over 30 years has worked with local community groups to help South Asia’s poorest people lead meaningful and dignified lives. To increase the reach of their programmes, Wild Awake was employed to research and write a strategic funding plan to access large institutional funds, and is now implementing the plan by supporting the writing of large funding proposals. As part of this process we have visited India and Nepal to see Karuna projects first-hand and train partners in project development and writing theories of change.


Karuna supports between 40-50 projects run by local partners. They focus on Education, Women’s Empowerment & Gender Equality, Capacity Building, Advocacy, Wellbeing, and Livelihoods. These projects benefit more than 50,000 people every year. They are committed to human development, enabling people to escape poverty, access their legal rights and participate fully in society.

Learn more abut the Karuna Trust here.

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