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Delivering successful learning is more than just training teachers, it requires a supportive strategic framework. Wild Awake expertise in strategy development and change management are helping the Georgian government bring about a new approach to how sustainable development is delivered.


The Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Protection of Georgia (MENRP) initiated the development of a new Education for Sustainable Development Strategy and Action Plan (ESD SAP). We are working with the MENRP to support the development and implementation of a new ESD SAP that is in compliance with the principles of regional and global ESD initiatives, as well as of excellent international quality. The work includes advising the Ministry of appropriate approaches for ESD and strategy development, researching global best practice and editing the strategy document.

This work builds upon work completed by Richard in Georgia to create new ESD Standards for the National Curriculum.

More details to follow once the strategy has been completed.

The work is funded by:

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