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Natural Entrepreneurs

Applying biomimicry to inspire the designers of the future

We know tomorrow will be different from today. We know the future will require new skills, new knowledge and new ways of doing things. And it will also need old wisdom.


Nature has sustained itself for 3.8 billion years. Nature looks complex, yet behind this complexity lie simple principles which enables life to adapt and thrive.


Biomimicry is the study of these principles - nature’s operating system. These principles applied to human design can have a transformational impact. Until the Wright brothers observed how turkey vultures fly in crosswinds, they could not solve the challenge of keeping planes upright on a windy day. Without turkey vultures there might be no planes and no easy international travel.


Become a Natural Entrepreneur. Learn how to harness the wisdom of nature to build the future of tomorrow.

Engaging schools


Natural Entrepreneurs is a European funded project encouraging more students to use biomimicry as a fundamental research tool. It offers an opportunity to explore how biomimicry can tackle the sustainability challenges facing Europe today and presents the applications of biomimicry design as desirable, viable solutions. It encourages students aged 15-18 years to work collaboratively across Europe and instils a greater sense that Europe can successfully transition to a sustainable future.


There are five partner countries participating and the pilot is scheduled to begin in October 2021.


Natural Entrepreneurs:

  • is applicable across a range of STEM and business subjects.

  • provides a real-world application for science and design.

  • supports working scientifically and developing science capital.

  • offers opportunity to turn ideas into business reality and further education.


Students will:

  • learn how nature offers a model for sustainability.

  • identify key challenges which affect their lives.

  • pitch their ideas into a European collaboration platform.

  • turn ideas into business plans, and link with entrepreneurs.


Support for teachers includes:

  • teaching resources promoting interdisciplinary learning between STEM, design and entrepreneurship.

  • an online learning environment to support teachers and students, offering a selection of learning resources appropriate to learners’ needs.

  • an entrepreneurship collaboration platform where students can work independently or in teams, encouraging and rewarding collaboration over competition.

  • a pedagogical framework highlighting the conceptual understanding and key competences, enabling teachers to apply Natural Entrepreneurs in a variety of educational settings.


Biomimicry is a growing field - companies large and small are using it to hone their services, improve design and reduce the environmental impact of their products. The potential of biomimicry as the foundation for designing our future offers opportunities for business, society and everyone. Natural Entrepreneurs allows students to engage with this process and learn how to actively participate in the development of a green economy.


Natural Entrepreneurs: enabling young people to create a regenerative world, inspired, mentored and empowered by nature.

To deliver Natural Entrepreneurs, Wild Awake is working with:

  • BiomimicryNL (Netherlands)

  • Responsible Innovation Network (Germany)

  • Careful Digital (UK)

  • Children's Environment School (Latvia)

  • Focus Eco Centre (Romania)

The project is funded by the European Union Erasmus+ programme.

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