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Forest Did It First

The Forest Did It First is an 18-month project exploring what we can learn from Garvagh Forest, Rivers and Rough Fields to help us design sustainable solutions for a different world.

Wild Awake is delighted to have been invited to support the biomimicry aspects of this exciting work. Over the next 18-monhts, we will be working with schools and communities to learn from nature, and use nature as a source of wisdom, inspiration and design to rethink how we can address human challenges sustainably.

More specifically this work will focus on the delivery of a training for educators and facilitators programme, supporting the development of a programme and associated materials and then helping deliver a Youth Design Challenge with six local primary schools.

The project is managed by the Hare’s Corner Cooperative and funded by the National Lottery Community Fund’s Climate Action Fund, together with Big Telly amd the Rural Community Network.

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