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Richard Dawson, Director

Over 20 years Richard has developed a reputation for bringing fresh insights to education and learning. His focus is on helping organisations to improve the quality of their learning, create learning for a sustainable future and enhance their capacity to deliver projects effectively with lasting benefits. He has worked in over 30 countries with NGOs, government, business and civil society organisations.

Areas of practice include effective learning and teaching, education for sustainable development, organisational capacity building, strategic and project planning and management, learning from nature, training skills, effective communication, education management.

Richard is also an ordained Buddhist, given the Buddhist name Nagamani on his ordination.

Stoyan Faldjiyski

In the past 10 years Stoyan has been working on a wide range of environmental topics with a special focus on education and training for teachers. He is part of many international teams working on the development of innovative methodologies and content for delivering quality and modern education. He is fascinated by nature, enjoying connecting to it wherever and whenever possible, and sharing his inspiration with others.

Juan Diego Lopez Giraldo

Juan Diego Lopez Giraldo is an international experienced environmental educator, with background in biology, education and coastal management. He is presently managing an entrepreneurial initiative VITA XXI SLP, an environmental consultancy group based in Murcia, Spain. He lead for almost 10 years the Regional Environmental Volunteer program in Natura 2000 sites in Murcia. He is working as international consultant for education and environmental issues in Europe in Latin America in short and long cooperation projects.

Margaret Fleming

Margaret has  wide expertise across the STEM and Environmental Education sectors. Originally following a career in teaching and senior management, she now is an International Education Consultant. She enjoys applying knowledge across sectors and countries and has published guidance to support all ages. She has collaborated with many and various stakeholders, including universities charities and NGOs, to create resources and deliver training for a number of successful and award winning projects.

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